Airborne 蔓綠加 25+ 500g Airborne Manuka Pollen Count 25+ 500g

參考號碼 : HKTT-ABHONEY008

Airborne Honey以最優質的液體和奶油形式包裝成新西蘭蜂蜜。 100%純正,生產於新西蘭,無污染。以傳統優良的技術生產蜂蜜商,使Airborne Honey發展成為新西蘭最大的生產商,包裝商和出口商之一。


Airborne Honey has produced and packed top quality New Zealand honey in liquid and creamed form. 100% pure and produced in pollution-free New Zealand. Airborne Honey, continues the tradition of producing the finest, purest Monofloral and comb honey prodcuts has grown to become one of the largest producer-packer and exporter in New Zealand.

HKD $ 168